Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hello anyone there????

Oh well its quiet here, its been a long time, the blog police have not been around to remove me! - absent without leave!! Its scary in the time of my absence, I have changed jobs, now working in deepest East sussex, very different from Croydon - sheep crossing the road, had to stop for a deer the other day, not to mention the pheasant preening itself. Oh, on the way home through dark country roads there is a farm that apparently if you find some road kill, as long as its warm they will prepare the meat for you. Fortunately have not hit anything yet.

Since May Curbs has left Charlton, as has Dowie and Reed and we're preparing to leave the Premiership :-( Still we'll be playing Palace next season :-0

Another good place in Forest Hill is a chinese restaurant called Tse's (020 8291 0019) on the South Circular opposite Wetherspoons. Try it.