Thursday, March 15, 2007

Don't have big birthdays

Just before my 21st Birthday, like three days, my Grand father died and so all celebration were cancelled. In those days, maybe still now, 21 was the big one, not 18. For my 30th and I can't complain about this, my first child was born a strapping 10 Lbs 13 oz's, For my 40th I was out of work and depressed, this year its my 50th, in fact, its on saturday - St patricks day - I had a new job of 6 months and everything has been going well, with the exception of some personality problems with my number two. So last week, I was all prepared to be made permanent, but the meeting did not go the way I thought it would, in fact they wanted to extend my probation by two months. Then on Tuesday - bombshell .. you don't fit into the culture of our business despite performing well, we would like you to leave today .....

Knock me down with a feather, one months pay in lieu - not sure if thats tax free and I need a job. Today is day two, yesterday I was up felt great, but those night time demons have got to me .. oh my god, will never work again, have felt really crap this morning, but need to work my way through it and be positive again.

On the good side of it my nephew was interviewed on Phil Jupitus's radio program on BBC Radio six this morning - ok nobody listens to it but its a start for his pro music career.