Monday, October 22, 2007

Lesbian Tennis Abuse, but what about the Mum

Clare Lyte, former junior tennis player, aged 29 and a tennis coach to children through the lawn tennis associations Academy has rightly been found guilty of abusing a 13 year old girl. Sentencing has been delayed, but the Judge has indicated that Clare will face prison time and will be on the sex offenders register.

As a byline on most of the reports, when mentioning how the victims mother found Clare performing oral sex, they also mention that the mother did not complain for 10 months, when her daughter was knocked out of a tournament.

Assuming that the newspaper reports are correct - big assumption I know, why is nobody raising the question of the suitability of the mother to parent her daughter? She knew her daughter had been abused, yet she continued to allow contact between her daughter and the abuser, for 10 months. her guilt is almost as great as the tennis coaches, her daughter must feel incredibly let down and betrayed by the one person she must have thought would protect her - her own mother.